Name of Innovative Emerging Technologies and it Applications Yearly World Market
Mainly Benefits from New Technologies Bill.$US
A. Energy & Natural Resources Technologies    
A.1 DOPT-Revolutionary Composite Deepwater(up to 6km) Oil/Gas Production & Transport System Hundreds Units /60 Reduction Capital Investment & Oil / Gas Production cost by ~50%
A.2ESS-Composite Energy Saving System with Special Blade Impellers for Ventilation Airconditions , Cooling , Heating , etc Statical Applications. 700 Mil/ ~50Bill Electricity Saving by 27,3% in comparison to Convential Systems.
A.3SPS-Subsea (up to 3 km) Simultaneous Power / Gas Production & Transport System In Calculation / 70 Low Electricity Production cost ~1-2 cent / kW-hour & Capital Investment. Current Electricity Sale Price ~7 kw-hour
A.5HSS-Innovative Domestic Hybrid Solar System for Simultaneous Generation Electricity , Pumping Water / Air Heating & Cooling ~55 Mill. /4600 Bill.$US -Universality , Low cost -Reduction Capital Investment & Production Cost by~50%
B. Continuous Inorganic Fibers/ Composite Materials & Products Innovative Production Technologies    
B.1CIF-Continuous Inorganic Fiber's Innovative Production Processes.
B.1.1Application CIF for Techtextiles
~25-30 Mill. ton /95 Reduction Capital Investment by 50% & Production Cost & Energy Consumption by ~25% .
B.4CPV-Innovative Production Technology for Manufacturing Composites Pressure Vessels. 100 Mill/ 30 Cheaper than Steel CPV by ~35%
B.5AST-Innovative Production System for Large(volume 2000 cub.m & more) Composite Above Ground Storage Tanks. ~0,5-0,7 mill. / ~1 Bill. $US  
B.6HPP-Innovative Process for Production High Price Products from Cheap Recyclable Wastes In Calculation /30 Reduction Capital Investment by ~50% & Production Cost & Energy Consumption by ~25%
C.Advanced Automotive Technologies    
C.1FRS-Innovative Composite Fuel Consumption & Gases Pollution Reduction System for Land & Railway Vehicles. ~400mil/ 80 Bill $US Reduction Fuel Consumption & Gases Pollution up to 25-30%.
C.2ESS-Innovative Composite Energy Saving System for Ventilation, Airconditions, Cooling, Heating, etc Applications for all kind Transportation Technologies:Land,Sea,Airspace,etc. 450 Mill/ 60 Bill. $US Electricity Saving by 27,3% in Comparison to Convential Systems.
D. Advanced Infrastructure & Construction Technologies    
D.1T.C.P.S.-Innovative Unique Transcontinental Composites Pipeline System 27400 km/ 65 Bill $US Reduction Pipeline Cost by 30% ,Pipe Weight, it Transport & Production Cost by ~40%
D.2 Innovative Unique Fresh-water Production & World-wide Supply System In Calculation Low production Cost of Water ~0.18 cent per ton
E. Advanced Shipbuilding & Shipping Technologies    
E.1CSS-Innovative Composites Structures of Large(Length/Width 100/20 m & more) Ships,etc Constructions. In Calculation Composite Structures are 40-50% lighter than Metal Structures
E.2 CPH-Innovative Composite Pressure Hull Structures of Submarines In Calculation Complete mechanized Production Process of Pressure Hulls
E.3 CSL-Innovative Cargo Container Shipping Line    
E.4 CCS-Completely Novel in the World Innovative & Ecological Clean Commercial Composite Submarines.    
F.Innovative Robotic Systems for Composite Technologies    
F.1 AFPS-Automated Fibers/Tape Placement System .   Completely mechanized Process of Composite Structures.
G. Innovative Communications Composite Systems & it Production Technologies    
G.1 Innovative Composite Radomes , Sonar Domes , Masts , etc.   Completely Mechanized Process of Composite Structures.