Dr. Yaacov Epshtein,ISCOM  Group President


PARTIAL LIST OF LAST LEADING WORLD FAIRS , SYMPOSIUMS , ASSOCIATIONS , SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE & their EXPERTSwhich evaluated in various form ISCOM Projects & gave to Dr.Epshtein positive References & invited him to present ISCOM Projects by at following Sites:

  1. Composites 2002 / Boat Building 2002 Composites Fabricators Associations CFA Fairs.USA Atlanta,09 2002.
  2. JEC Composites Show,Paris EXPO , April 2002
  3. SAMPE Europe Conferences,Paris ,2002, April 2002
  4. Techtextil Fair North America,Atlanta,USA,April 2002
  5. JEC Composites Show,Paris,March 2001
  6. JEC Composites Show,Paris,1999- 2000;
  7. A/m ISCOM Projects were presented at Technology Transfer Days, 1999 JEC Composite Show in cooperation with Israel Innovation Relay Center and were included in JEC Composite Show Catalogs;
  8. NPE SPI-USA Society Plastic Industry, Chicago,2001
  9. World Pultrusion Conference 2002,Prague,Czhech
  10. The German Ministry of Research (Mr. W.Faul-BMBF)-Israel Science Ministry-Cooperation in Ma Tech Program ,July 1998,Jerusalem
  11. Techtextil Fair Frankfurt,1999 ,Members of Scientific Committee -Dr.Guy Nemoz (Institute Textile de France) Prof. Lawrence(University of Leeds,UK), Prof. Shishoo(Sweden); Prof. Casellas(Spain) & Mr.Carl-Georg Kleppe(Germany) in letter of 24.11.1998 wrote to Dr.Epshtein: "....The Scientific Committee decided to put one of your paper into the Programme. Title: CIF: New Recyclable Low Cost Fibers for High-Technology Reinforcement";
  12. Klokner Institute (Prague) invited Dr.Epshtein participate in International Conference -Composites Structures at 3-6 June 2001
  13. Europartenariat Hellas 1997 & Israel Export Institute in Piraeus -Greece
  14. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (World Leading Specialists in Fiber & Composites Fields -Professor G.Marom and Dr.B.Zaidman in their Reference wrote ".. The Invention proposed by Dr.Y.Epshtein is a new process & technology for the production of a Continuous Fiber Production Plants from formulations based on Natural Raw Materials.Dr.Y.Epshtein gained extensive experience in planning and building of Glass fiber Production Plants in the USSR." Professor Gad Marom -former Director Casali Institute of Applied Chemistry ,Dr.Beno Zaidman-Senior Researcher(same Institute ) & some Leading specialists of Technion has made comprehensive positive Economic Feasibility Evaluation of CIF Processes; Therefore the Developed By ISCOM numerous Projects are backed up with an Opinion of numerous neutral Experts,associated with an established and well known World Organizations,Institutes ,Companies

The above mentioned Information in present Description so far strongly suggest that the ISCOM Projects would make a very nice Niche Business with great potential to access Enormous Global Markets.